When looking for the best Magnetic Resonance Imaging Center, there are a number of key characteristics that should come to mind. Your health is important, no doubt, and you can make sure that you stay at your peek level of health by more than anything else discovering problems at the earliest possible stages. Only then can your doctor design the best possible solutions.

Some of the most important criteria to look for in the best Magnetic Resonance Imaging Center near you include:

  1. Accreditation by a highly-respected licensing agency or organization.

Is the center that you are considering, for example, accredited by such an organization as the Joint Commission Center for Transforming Healthcare? Accreditation means that the facility (i.e., Columbus MRI Center) has been reviewed by experts in the field, has agreed to abide by the most basic standards of quality and safety, and is under constant scrutiny.

  1. Does it use the latest technology, especially from an IT perspective?

The best Imaging Center will utilize such things as open imaging equipment (for those who may not be suitable for traditional MRIs), The Targeted Solutions Tool (TST) and the Leading Practice Library. The latter involve using information from studies and surveys of other facilities in order to improve quality at present facilities.

  1. Is it a well-managed facility from top to bottom?

This means that there are on staff a well-trained, experienced set of licensed professionals. The people at the top provide excellent leadership and set the tone for the best quality and safety standards achievable. This can be verified from the good reviews the facility routinely obtains.

  1. Does the facility take safety issues seriously?

Is the center clean, well-maintained and adequately supplied? This may start by making sure proper hygiene procedures are followed but it can also include clearly marked exits, the availability of emergency care equipment, and personnel trained in the proper safety precautions.

  1. Does the facility take the time to comply with local and national laws?

Being informed about your rights as a patient is the starting point. It also may involve making sure your privacy is properly secured. It may also mean knowing that the Cost of an MRI should not impede getting diagnosed.

  1. Does the facility follow well-documented protocols and practices?

A well-run Magnetic Resonance Imaging Center should run like clock-work. Personnel should know what to do at all time, how the equipment works and how to handle any emergencies or problems.

  1. The center should strive to accommodate all you unique needs well.

Your past medical history, for example, should be taken into account—especially if you have been the recipient of any metal internally-placed device, are pregnant, claustrophobic or allergic to any tracer that may be used by the facility.

  1. Will your procedure be properly monitored by qualified, caring professionals?

Columbus MRI Doctors, for example, will make sure that your procedure is properly supervised and monitored at all times.

  1. How long has the facility been in business?

There is nothing like experience to make things run more smoothly on a daily basis. When possible, go for centers (i.e., Ohio MRI) that have been around for a while.

  1. How would you rate staff’s “people skills?”

You have the right to not only be treated effectively but also in a friendly and human manner. The best equipment in the world cannot replace a compassionate, caring staff.


By all means, properly evaluate an imaging center before submitting your body to it. The best imaging centers stand out—that’s how you will recognize them