Open MRI Services

Open MRI is a service offered at our Hilliard location that allows patients to lie in between magnets (that perform the resonance imaging) without having to be encased in a tube. For individuals who are claustrophobic, AltaireTM Open MRI is an excellent alternative to traditional methods of medical imaging.

Open Bariatric Imaging

  • Patient comfort – Non-claustrophobic design increases satisfaction, keeps study times short and reduces rejection rate.
  • Wide patient table (80 cm)
  • High patient weight limit (500 lbs)

Open Neurological Imaging

  • Multi-plane imaging can be accomplished without repositioning the patient and without volume CT’s ionizing radiation.
  • Circle of Willis can be obtained by Altaire’s ultra fast scanning capabilities in one acquisition.
  • Diffusion weighted imaging can detect an infarct in the sub acute stage, as well as distinguish between acute and chronic lesions.

Open Orthopedic Imaging

  • Unlimited lateral opening accommodates the broadest patients with easier positioning, easier tolerance.
  • Wrists and elbows are now imaged more comfortably at the patient’s side.

Open Pediatric Imaging

  • Parents can talk to and reassure their child during the exam.
  • Open architecture allows pediatric patient security and comfort, sometimes eliminating the need for sedation or anesthesia.



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