How Much Does an MRI Cost?

Self-Pay Cost for Any Scan = $500.00

The Highest Quality at the Most Affordable Price

When it comes to your health, escalating MRI costs should never interfere with your ability to get the tests you need. At Highfield MRI, we accept all insurance plans and work diligently to keep our MRI prices as low as our customer care level is high. Our services are not limited to MRI diagnostics alone, because we know how frustrating navigating complicated pricing structures and reimbursement schemes can be. To help you focus on your health, our staff provides insurance verification for all patients in order to determine the precise cost of your MRI or other tests. Let us help you find out exactly what your insurance will cover, along with any relevant co-pays or deductibles that could be affected by your magnetic imaging needs.

How much will my MRI cost?

We publish our MRI prices right here so there’s no threat of unknown costs or unexpected bills after you have completed your tests. MRI prices range from $1134 to $2954, with Highfield MRI offering a discount for self-paying patients. Whether you are fully insured, partially insured or without any medical coverage at all, we welcome the opportunity to discuss your payment options with you. For uninsured patients, our self-pay cost is $500 per scan. Only half ($250) is due at the time of service. We also offer financing options for the remaining balance.

What does my insurance cover?

Highfield MRI accepts all major insurance plans and provides transparent pricing and insurance assistance for all procedures. We invite you to call our office staff to review your insurance benefits and determine exactly what your individual insurance plan will cover. We want you to know you have a choice when it comes to choosing an MRI provider, and we work hard to serve both the medical and financial needs of all who choose Highfield MRI for their medical care.

Top quality diagnostics, lower MRI costs

Highfield MRI employs board-certified radiologists and licensed radiographers to ensure you and your loved one’s unique imaging needs are met. We apply the same care and attention to our patients’ payment needs, drawing on our expertise navigating the insurance system so that our patients can focus on their health first and foremost. As a joint-venture of the Mount Carmel hospital network, we pride ourselves on providing the highest quality of service for the lowest possible price. Call today to set up an appointment and learn how Highfield MRI can provide you and your family with affordable MRI testing and services.

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