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Welcome to Highfield MRI, the premier Magnetic Resonance Imaging Center serving the Columbus area.

Highfield MRI is chosen by doctors and patients alike who seek cutting-edge technology alongside expert analysis to aid in their diagnostic and treatment needs.

Our licensed radiographers and board-certified radiologists direct special attention towards patient comfort and care. From same-day appointments to assistance navigating insurance policies, Highfield MRI Imaging center offers Columbus residents better, quicker and more affordable diagnostics across the MRI spectrum.

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You and Your MRI

Open MRI

At Highfield MRI, our primary concern is patient comfort. Our imaging center offers a variety of MRI scans, covering the full range of diagnostics that you and your doctor require to ensure excellent care.

We also offer Open MRI scans on our Altaire high-field performance Open MR system. This allows us to ensure patient comfort in a non-claustrophobic, anxiety-free environment.


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